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- Highland RVH
Make: Highland   Model: RVH
Bedrooms: 4   Size: 32 X 74
Bathrooms: 2   Year: 2022
      Sqr ft: 2220

This is the largest unit we have on the lot, and while all of our units have their own amazing features, this one has an amazing master suite.

The master bedroom includes a huge bathroom that has its own walk-in closet.  There is an enormous walk-in closet in the master bedroom and also a huge sitting room that would be perfect as an office, craft room, nursery or play area.  The wonderful features of this house don't just end there and we would be very happy to show this home to you Monday - Saturday.

*A note about the floor plan, the floorplan shows a den that opens out into the hallway just before you go into the master bedroom, but we chose a sitting room option when we ordered it and therefore the actual opening opens directly into the master bedroom.  Our home also has a large kitchen island that is not displayed on the floorplan.

*Please note, every effort is made to ensure the most accurate information possible, but mistakes happen, and we are not liable for any unintentional errors in our marketing materials.  Prices are also subject to change without notice as we, like everyone else, face the challenges of an ever changing world.

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